Update on Malachi's arthritis

Friends, prayer needed!!  Last week Malachi had his eye appointment on Tuesday and they told us that he still had the eye inflammation (Uveitis) and it hadn't gotten much better. The Dr gave us another set of eye drops, that are stronger, to try for one more month; but told us that if they were not clear that we would need to go another route. (Right now he's on two sets of drops, which isn't good long term, and also methotrexate injections once a week.) The following day we had the rheumatologist visit which we thought would be a quick in and out. This is where we need your hard prayers! He suggested that we start Humira, the only FDA approved drug for Chrohns, Uveitis, arthritis, etc. The catch is that he would be on it until his eyes cleared, PLUS another one to two years. And it can be really expensive! And it's injecting him with drugs. His joints are doing great, which we are very thankful for, but we need wisdom regarding his eyes. Eyes are a pretty big deal!
The rheumy we saw was a different one we had last seen, so we called her to get a second opinion. Since the opthalmologic had said to come back in a month, we came to the decision that we would stick with what we are doing now and wait until the December 2nd appointment. PLEASE pray that they will clear by then! And feel free to share this.

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